This is the Story of a Happy Marriage

Contrary to the title, this isn’t actually a story about marriage at all. Rather, it is a collection of stories, about lots of things–marriage is only one of them.


In this collection, one of my very favorite authors, Ann Patchett, shares pieces of her life–friends, family, loves and losses, books. It is a window into her mind.

I told you yesterday that I mostly find biographies boring. However, I love memoirs. I always find it interesting to hear first-person narratives about a person’s life, to hear them share the things that are most important to them, and the little details too. I like to know the things that made them them.

This is especially true of the authors I love. It helps me to understand their books, when I can go into their background, and hear what formed their psyche. Patchett talks a lot about her books and the path she took to write them:  her love of opera formed Bel Canto, a trip to Brazil inspired State of Wonder.  I got to hear about her friendship with Lucy Grealy, which will be helpful later, since I have not yet read Truth and Beauty.

It’s next to impossible to be unbiased in this review, because I love her work so much. There was no chance I wouldn’t love hearing something in her own voice. If you haven’t read anything by Ann Patchett, you should. My favorite is Bel Canto. I need to reread that soon, I think.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend. You probably won’t see a post from me tomorrow as we are having company, but I’ll be back to our regular broadcasted program on Monday.



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