Wuthering Heights

Wow. I never expected to have quite the range of emotions as I did with this book. Classic literature always throws me–the language is challenging because it is so formal. I usually have to read a novel a few times before I actually really understand what is going on. And I think Wuthering Heights is no exception to that rule. However, I will say one thing about my first read through. This book made me REALLY angry.


Now maybe it didn’t help that this has been a terrible week for me. I was already angry when I sat down to read it. Maybe?

No, I don’t think so. I went into this expecting this big love story. Heathcliff and Catherine. Right? That’s what I’ve always heard about. I was completely ready for a Mr. Darcy/Elizabeth Bennet type of story.

IMAGINE MY SURPRISE. Not what I got at all. Holy crap. This is not a romantic story people. This is the tragic story of a toxic, parasitic relationship between a manically depressed woman and a controlling, egotistical maniac. Neither one can let go of the other and they not only leave a path of destruction wider than an F5 tornado in THEIR world, but pretty much ruin the next generation too.

Not even kidding, I’m breaking out in hives while writing this review. I think that I need more wine. Next book please!




Ok…just kidding…kind of. Before I move on, I will tell you that the writing was superb, and obviously the characters were really well developed. I mean, look at the reaction it got from me. Just because my emotional reaction was negative doesn’t mean I hated the book. I will definitely read this again. It just wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Now I know it’s more of a tragedy, not a romance. I’ll read it with a different perspective next time, and I’ll learn something else from it!

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