Blue Monday

It’s another rainy Monday morning, and we are expecting some strong storms today from what I hear. Last week was a rough one, and I’m hoping this week is much better. We’ll see.

I’ve had this poem flagged for about a week now, but I couldn’t share it on any other day but today! This is the last week of April, and so the last week for daily poems. I will keep sharing poems as I find them interesting or poignant, but maybe not every day. It’s been fun tracking down ones to share, though! I hope you’ve enjoyed National Poetry Month!

Blue Monday

No use in my going
Downtown to work today,
     It’s eight,
     I’m late—
And it’s marked down that-a-way.
Saturday and Sunday’s
Fun to sport around.
But no use denying–
Monday’ll get you down.
That old blue Monday
Will surely get you down.
–Langston Hughes, Selected Poems of Langston Hughes

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