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When I was going through my divorce, I watched a lot of old movies on Netflix. It was incredibly cliche–sweats, a bowl of popcorn, and black and whites in the dark. But I suppose that’s why that’s why it’s cliche…old movies are incredibly healing.

My favorites were always Marilyn Monroe films. She was so beautiful and unattainable, and sometimes a little silly. I didn’t necessarily want to be her (although who doesn’t want to have her curves?), but it was nice to escape into those grayscale tones for a couple of hours.


Her story fascinated me more after watching My Week with Marilyn, when I saw more about her life. And then, of course, the TV show SMASH came out, dramatizing it even more.

To read about Marilyn in Marilyn’s own voice was fascinating. This reads exactly how you would expect it to. The stories are short and simple, but so so sweet. It ends abruptly, shortly after her marriage to Joe, and it makes you wonder what dark things started happening in her life after that. All through the book are bits and pieces of the creeping depression that we know plagued her through the later years of her life. She never had it easy, poor girl.

Her memoirs show us that she was not the dumb blonde that the media would have us believe. She may not have been a scholar, but she was not easily fooled. She lived life on her own terms as often as she could. Despite her reputation, she was not so vulgar a person, at least at this point in her life. She was a real person, with real worries and heartbreak. I think sometimes we forget that. It’s unfortunate that her life ended so soon, and so harshly. Who would she be today, if the darkness hadn’t closed in?

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