Thriller Thriller Night

I LOVE Thrillers.

They are the books that keep me up at night, not just because they are scary, but because they keep me turning the pages until I get to the end. I have to know what is next. I think, “Just one more chapter.” But at the end of every one, a cliffhanger.

The characters are always fascinating, brilliantly written, and often bat shit crazy.

These are just the few that I’ve read that I own. We have so many more Kings that I haven’t gotten through yet, and that needs to change soon. I totally plan on reading IT this month.


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  1. Your title just made me want to put on Michael Jackson and dance the Thriller song hehe. I love thrillers as well, and October is a great month to be reading thrillers. I will definitely throw in some Stephen King novels as well if I have the chance…

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