The Handmaid’s Tale

In today’s world of social justice, we are fighting many battles:  sexuality, gender identity, misogyny (race too, but that’s another post and another day). In all of these, we are fighting for the right over our bodies however we see fit, without judgment, without bias, without persecution. Sometimes it seems like we are winning…sometimes it doesn’t.

As a feminist, I stand pretty firm in my right to control my own decisions about my own body. I also stand pretty firm in the decisions other women make about their bodies too. And I’m pretty pissed that the government seems to think that they have a say in those decisions.


I don’t know Margaret Atwood personally. But after reading The Handmaid’s Tale…I have a feeling she doesn’t much care for it either.

Offred lives in the Republic of Gilead, as a Handmaid, or “girl in red.” This basically means that her ovaries are still viable and she gets to be…used…by the Commander until she gets pregnant. And she better hope that she does get pregnant before her eggs run out, or she will be sentenced to become an Unwoman, which doesn’t sound very pleasant.

Have you ever wondered while reading The Hunger Games or Divergent or any of those books, “What happens to the rest of the world when America falls in to dystopian disrepair?” The Handmaid’s Tale shows exactly what happens. Japanese tourists fly over with their cameras and take pictures of you in your red nun’s outfit. The rest of the world is going to be just fine when we collapse into ruin. #thanksdonaldtrump

No seriously. I really am afraid this book is going to become reality if he is elected. I mean, just think about it. Women being punished for having abortions? Yep. Men being punished for being gay? Yep. They didn’t talk about race in this book, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

*shudder* Mayday. m’aidez. HELP ME…..

Obviously this book struck a few nerves. It’s a pretty political story, and one that is extremely poignant right now. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest that you do. It has a similar feel as 1984 or V for Vendetta, only it’s all about feminism and women’s issues. And it’s absolutely terrifying.


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