A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel

After striking out with The Hulk, I really wanted to read a graphic novel (or “trade” as I have learned they are called) that I knew I would enjoy. When I saw A Game of Thrones on my library’s shelf, I knew it would be a perfect second try, since I already knew and loved the story. I would be able to focus on the art and the comic concepts, more than actually trying to take in the characters and plot.


Story/Writing:  I’ll keep this short, because almost everyone knows what A Game of Thrones is about. I read Volume One, which is Issues 1-6, and covers most of the bases with George RR Martin’s first book. Martin collabed quite closely with the writer and artists on this, and it’s very clear that he wanted this to be very much based on his books, not the show.

Art:  It’s hard to put into words how beautiful this book is. From the moment I opened it, I continued to be blown away by the amount of detail and care that the artists put into making this. I almost wish I had read it before seeing the show, because the depictions of the people are so dead on…but it’s hard not to imagine Kitt as Jon Snow, and the other actors as well. Really though, as perfect as the people are, it’s the scenes that make the book. There was just as much work done on the background as the foreground, and in a world as complicated as Westeros, that is incredibly important.

My only real criticism, if I even have to have one, is that it doesn’t feel like a comic book. Maybe because I am so familiar with the series already–but it’s almost TOO beautiful. It’s more of an illustrated story, a series of paintings, than a graphic novel. I absolutely love it, and I will always love GOT, but it doesn’t QUITE fulfill my thirst for that true comic education that I’m looking for. Still…it’s a good stepping stone.

Really though, if you are a GOT fan at all, you just need to go check out this book. I’ve already put Vols. 2-4 on my list. I know they will be as gorgeous as this one is!



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