The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 1

I scream a lot on this blog.

I know. I can’t help it, ok? Feels are KIND of the whole point of reading. If you can’t get excited about the things you are consuming, then what is the point?

As you know, I’ve been trying to get into comics. There was The Hulk, which didn’t go over so well; and Game of Thrones, which was beautiful, but wasn’t super “comicy” either…more just a book in graphic form.



AdultBooklr picked The Wicked + The Divine for our trade this month, and I snatched it up. OH MAN. I am so glad I did.


Ok, Haley, contain yourself. Time to do your review now. *deep breath*

Story/Writing:  The main premise of W+D is that there is a group of 12 gods that live on earth for 2 years, before dying and disappearing for a cycle of 90 years. They are essentially super sexy rock stars who entrance humans into orgasm. As you can imagine, this book is filled with extreme innunendo…ok, not even innuendo. Just flat out raunch. You have to be ok with R to NC-17 humor for this book. Which, of course, I am. *wink* Anyway, there’s a murderer loose amongst the 12 and it pits them against each other, and Laura, a mortal, is caught in the crossfire.

I loved the snark and sass of Luci, oh man. More on her below though. Laura is one hell of a fighter, but also relatable in a completely awkward human way. There’s one panel where she is surrounded by gods and she is all “I AM SO FULL OF FAIL RIGHT NOW.” It’s amazing. She is the biggest fangirl ever and I capital L Love her.

Art:  BRIGHT COLORS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! Seriously, I want to wallpaper my office with prints from this book. There are full page shots of the gods and they are spectacular and you can almost feel their power through the screen–there’s no question why they cause their audience to lose their minds.

My first thought when I started reading this was, “WHEN CAN I HAVE A MOVIE WHERE CHARLIZE THERON SNAPS HER FINGERS AND MAKES MEN’S HEADS BLOW UP?” Luci is a dead ringer for Charlize. I don’t know if that is intentional or if she was an inspiration for the artist, but either way, Luci is gorgeous, and I need this movie immediately.

The other note I want to make is that there is a big diversity in the characters. There are white women, black women, asian women, black men, even a trans woman. I know there’s a big push right now about getting diversity in comics, so if you’re looking to support artists with diverse characters, you might check this one out!

I’m really looking forward to reading Vol. 2, and someone has recommended the Young Avengers book by this same pairing, so I’ve added this to my list as well. The Wicked + The Divine officially has me hooked on comics. GO READ THIS IMMEDIATELY.



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