The Wrath & The Dawn

She came to kill him.

If she didn’t, she herself would die. Perhaps before dawn. Shazi must buy another night from the Murder King, but how?


One hundred lives for the one you took. One life to one dawn. Should you fail but a single morn, I shall take from you your dreams. I shall take from you your city.
And I shall take from you these lives, a thousandfold.

Girls across the kingdom are dying, every single day. The murder weapon? Marriage to the Caliph. And when Shazi’s best friend falls victim, she knows she must take action. So she does the only thing she can do–marry him. Once she does, she has one night to either kill him, or woo him enough to make it past the dawn.

She captivates him with a story that has no end. As the sun rises, and the threat looms, the Caliph cannot kill her without knowing the end. This is how Shazi becomes the first wife to survive his dawn.

Part of me wants to hold on to this secret and let you discover it on your own. When I realized what this book was about, my eyes got as big as saucers and I was so HAPPY.  But it’s not really a spoiler–it’s in all the descriptions I’ve seen. Not EVERYONE likes to go into a book blind like I do.

The Wrath & The Dawn follows the legend of 1001 Nights. The story has been changed a little bit, but the premise is still the same–the new queen weaves a series of stories to save her life every day. Aladdin is there, even the magic carpet! But there’s a deeper, darker side to the tale that makes this book a beautiful love story. I couldn’t put it down, and I’ve added The Rose and the Dagger to my TBR even though it doesn’t come out until 2016.

Who wants to guess how long it takes me to pull 1001 Nights from my shelf? My money says that it’s the next study book after The Ramayana.




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