Batgirl/Robin Year One

I married a Batmanaholic. If you don’t believe me…these were our wedding pictures.

Yep…there’s just no getting away from Gotham in this marriage. I’ve learned a lot about the characters in the last 3 years…but I still have a long way to go. It’s one of the reasons I’m taking the dive into comics–I so need to be on his level so I can take part in the conversation….

…Or maybe I’ll learn a bit about other pieces of the fandom and impress him with my backstory knowledge. *wink* So, I’m starting with the sidekicks instead of The Bat himself.


Robin Story:  I went into this knowing only the Batman from the Christopher Nolan movies and Gotham. Robin to me was an unknown, except for the hint at the end of Dark Knight with JGL. So when I picked up this book to find out that the real Robin was a little circus kid, rather than a cop, I was pretty confused. Still, I instantly fell in love with the story, and had a pretty hard time putting this one down–even to the point where I was struggling to read my other books this week because I was so enthralled with a comic! What?! Alfred’s narration was spot on with what I expected, and “The Bat” was deliciously broody. I’ve heard a lot about Dick Grayson lately from a friend of mine (quite a lot of sexy things…another reason why I was confused at child Robin), so I’m looking forward to seeing Master Richard grow up.


Batgirl Story:  Batgirl is actually why I picked this book up in the first place. I almost went with Wonder Woman for my first female superhero, but my tiny library branch didn’t have any of the origin stories, just later spinoffs, and I really like to start with the beginnings. I’m an “in order” sort of girl. Plus, I’ve been getting confused about Babs and her different reiterations, so I knew I needed to figure her out soon. At first, I was pissed because HELLO THE BOOK IS CALLED BATGIRL ROBIN YEAR ONE WHY ARE WE STARTING WITH ROBIN?! But, then, once I started reading her, it made a little bit more sense. And THEN I got scared that it was going to become this big romance between the two and she was going to be reduced to this shallow “Bruce Banner meets Natasha Romanova” plot device. GUYS BATGIRL KICKS SO MUCH ASS.

I love how she takes Batman’s overprotective “You can’t do this because you’re a naive little girl,” and questions the hell out of it. And don’t get me wrong here, I mostly understand Batman’s concerns–and when Batgirl realizes why he’s so overbearing, she does take a moment to pause and step back a bit. I just really like her “Take No Shit” attitude. When the impression is given from Batman, Robin, and her father…and pretty much everyone else…that she can’t do anything because she’s just a little girl who doesn’t meet the height requirements, Babs says “NOPE GONNA KICK SOME ASS TODAY!”


Can we just address my absolute favorite thing about this comic? The villains are the best thing ever. I mean, just look at these guys!

You have Cameron/Killer Moth grilling sausages on Firefly’s murder fire. I mean JEEZ.




I mean, why does Condiment King only have ketchup and mustard? What kind of condiment king is that really? More like Condiment Joker, amirite? Where’s the relish? Or hot sauce? Come on! You could do some serious damage with some sriracha!



ART:  I haven’t really even talked much about the art. And really, I don’t have a whole lot to say about it. It’s pretty much what I expected from DC–since I’ve seen people post stuff from them, and watched a few of their cartoons over the years. There were some amazingly beautiful full page spreads intermixed with the story panels and those are always my favorites.

Overall, quite a positive experience for my first DC book. With such a Batman fiend for a husband, I will be taking quite a dive into the world of Gotham, so don’t be surprised to see more from this series.



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