Big Bloggy Changes!

When I made the decision to move I Lay Reading to the new domain, I knew I wanted to make some changes. We’ve done really well as this little ol’ book blog, and I’ve ramped up to doing reviews almost every day, plus some random “other” stuff.

I want to keep that going. My tagline has always been “Inside an Obsessive Reader’s Consciousness” and I feel this blog lives up to that statement. There’s SO MUCH going on inside my head all the time, and I love sharing that with everyone. Up until now, it’s been completely random–but I’ve been trying to be more serious about my writing, and my goal is to try and write something serious at least once a week.

I’m also wanting to structure this blog a bit more seriously. Don’t worry, you know my FEELS are never going away. The content will never be high brow. Nope. No way. But, I do want to add a few things to make this feel like a “real” review blog.

I didn’t want to make these changes until we had a month under our feet on the new domain. We’ve accomplished that! Yay! Thanks for stickin’ with me, and welcome all you new faces!

Here’s what is coming up in October:

First of all, it’s October, so this month is going to be Horror Month. Not everything I read will be thrillers and scary stuff, but I’ve planned for a majority to be that way. So if you like to be spooked, this month is for you! BOO!

I’ve never had a firm rating system on my reviews, it’s always been pretty subjective and, well, “FEEL-y.” I’ve now come up with a new 5-Star rating system…only instead of stars we are going to use Book Dragons! Because Book Dragons are way more awesome than bookworms, right? (Disclaimer, Book Dragon clipart is not mine, found on Google Images, sourced from Free Clip Art site.)

Mondays are now going to be Mindful Mondays. As I mentioned above, I’ve set a personal goal to start writing seriously at least once a week, so we’re going to have some bigger topics on Mondays. These may be focused on anxiety/depression and ways to cope, or big things happening in current events, or random issues happening across geekdom. Anything is fair game, whatever is floating around inside this readers consciousness. I’ve already got some great stuff planned. And don’t worry–I’ll still be doing daily (or almost daily) reviews.

WWW Wednesdays are still happening–I love doing that once a week check in on my TBRs.

Fridays are now Freaky Fridays. Like Mondays, I want to add an endcap segment to finish out the week on a fun note. These won’t be as serious though, and a little more random. I am always thinking of fun things to share with you guys that aren’t at all book related, and this will be my outlet to share it. We may be bookworms, but our love for geekdom goes so much farther than what we read! Look out for recipes here, beer recommendations, giddiness over a new product I found, or maybe a promo for a friend’s webcomic.

I can’t wait to get started on these new projects and take I Lay Reading to the next level. I hope you join me for this new adventure!

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