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I’m a snackaholic. My whole family is that way–we are grazers. Our pantry was always more full of chips and cookies and dip and pickles than real food. When we get together, there’s always a gigantic orange bowl of homemade chex mix, and someone is always making brownies. With that in mind, I couldn’t resist making our very first Freaky Friday post about one of my very favorite munchies!

It didn’t hurt that they were going for 2 for $5 at a local Oktoberfest this past weekend. HAD to grab some!

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Hailing from ye olde Blighty–a land devoid of flavour–Lord Nut Levington is a never-ending quest for tastes that titillate his tongue…


The packaging on these babies is actually quite hilarious. But, to get down to nuts and bolts *nudge nudge*, the company is based out of Dallas, Texas, and strives to add quite a bit more kick than the usual salt and honey to our peanut snack. They have five flavors:  Spicy Bloody Mary, Hot Buffalo, White Cheddar & Jalapeno, Zesty Chili Lime, and Thai Curry & Lemongrass.

I have tried two out of the five. All have 160 calories per serving. Looking at the distribution map on the website, they are available at specialty grocery stores nationwide or on their website. They retail for about $5.00/can.

Also, for disclosure purposes, I have not been sponsored by this company, and I purchased these myself. I just really like this product, and wanted to share it with you!


Spicy Bloody Mary

2015-09-30 15.02.08

Bloody Marys (Maries? It looks weird either way.) are a staple in our house. 90% of the time, we have mix ready to go, and Tito’s nearly always has a place in our freezer door. Hubs and I are spicy people. So these nuts are RIGHT up our alley. In fact, these are what got our attention to the Lord Nut brand in the first place–he did a taste test for his store and EUREKA! I’m pretty sure he brought home 2 or 3 cans.

They didn’t last long.

These puppies taste EXACTLY like our favorite drink. They are sweet and tangy and spicy, plus you get a bit of salt from the peanuts. I can’t get enough of them. I opened a can to do this taste test and I’m trying really hard to have self control…but it’s not working.


Hot Buffalo

2015-09-30 15.02.54

This was the first time we had seen Hot Buffalo, and as soon as I sampled it…I was HOOKED. Hubs doesn’t carry this flavor in his store, but he may have to look into it now because there’s no way I’m going to be able to live without it.

I am in love with chicken wings. We still have not found a GREAT wing place down here, and so it’s a craving I just cannot cure since leaving Indiana. Texans love their BBQ, and they do fried chicken well, but not those crispy, saucy wings. Must be a northern thing. Oh man.

Because of this, I am always looking for snacks to satisfy this need. And these peanuts hit about as close as you can get without being chicken fat. Do you see how much flavor powder they put on those things? YOUR FINGERS WILL BE ORANGE, PEOPLE! As in, eating an industrial bag of Cheetos, orange. And 50 times as delicious. And spicy. These taste exactly like hot wings, but less greasy. They NAILED this flavor.


If you like nuts, and spice, and flavor, go grab these off your grocer’s shelf. They are a little more expensive than the honey roasted kind, but sooooooooooooooo much better.

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