The Scarlet Letter

Guys, I DID IT.

Even bigger than the size of my white whale was the difficulty I had in finishing The Scarlet Letter. I HATE THIS BOOK. HATE IT. I have tried to finish it probably 6 times. I never make it past the first few chapters.


Have I mentioned how much I HATE THIS BOOK?!

First of all, Nathaniel Hawthorne has the most pretentious writing style of anyone I have ever read in my life. Oh my god. It’s torture. Seriously, if I am every captured by terrorists, all they would need to do is force me to listen to Nathaniel Hawthorne for hours on end and I would talk so hard. (Not that I know any state secrets or anything…but if they needed to know the secrets of Harry Potter fanfiction? I’m so screwed. SHIT.)

And then there’s the plot. THIS IS CALLED A ROMANCE. If you pull this up on Wikipedia, that’s how it’s listed:  “The Scarlet Letter: A Romance is an 1850 work of fiction in a historical setting…” Ummmmm NO. What ROMANCE? You mean the husband who is set on revenge, or the priest who brands his past lover with a big red A for adultress?

I honestly wasn’t even going to do a review for this. I was going to post a review and move on. Buuuuut I can’t help it. My brain just can’t help but rant about Nathaniel Hawthorn and my loathing for his most famous work.

AdultBooklr…you made me do it.


If I HAVE to give Book Dragon points for this book, it gets only one. I don’t think it even deserves that many.


BUY HERE…I guess…

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