The Scarlet Letter

Guys, I DID IT.

Even bigger than the size of my white whale was the difficulty I had in finishing The Scarlet Letter. I HATE THIS BOOK. HATE IT. I have tried to finish it probably 6 times. I never make it past the first few chapters.


Have I mentioned how much I HATE THIS BOOK?!

First of all, Nathaniel Hawthorne has the most pretentious writing style of anyone I have ever read in my life. Oh my god. It’s torture. Seriously, if I am every captured by terrorists, all they would need to do is force me to listen to Nathaniel Hawthorne for hours on end and I would talk so hard. (Not that I know any state secrets or anything…but if they needed to know the secrets of Harry Potter fanfiction? I’m so screwed. SHIT.)

And then there’s the plot. THIS IS CALLED A ROMANCE. If you pull this up on Wikipedia, that’s how it’s listed:  “The Scarlet Letter: A Romance is an 1850 work of fiction in a historical setting…” Ummmmm NO. What ROMANCE? You mean the husband who is set on revenge, or the priest who brands his past lover with a big red A for adultress?

I honestly wasn’t even going to do a review for this. I was going to post a review and move on. Buuuuut I can’t help it. My brain just can’t help but rant about Nathaniel Hawthorn and my loathing for his most famous work.

AdultBooklr…you made me do it.


If I HAVE to give Book Dragon points for this book, it gets only one. I don’t think it even deserves that many.


BUY HERE…I guess…

One thought on “The Scarlet Letter

  1. good for you! I’m sure it’s torture and I have to agree with the sound of Hawthorne’s writing but the content… Anyway, not really a two or even three-sided romance, more like just one. She loved them but they only liked her. Priest: I like you a lot, Hester, but I’m gonna friendzone you and hope you don’t “out” me, rather than risk my career. Husband: I loved you, Hester, but you were too easy, and I gotta avenge your lost purity and our lost relationship because you obviously have no self-respect, and then, I don’t know whether I can take you back or let the devil take us both. LOL It’s kind of brilliant how Hawthorne shows how stupid the whole situation was. Confession wouldn’t make anything better for anyone, and everyone ends up either dead or alone and for some reason, unloveable. It could have gone so much better for everyone if it played out differently. Hmm. The stuff of a different novel. If you write it I’ll review THAT.

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