Pop Positivity!

Wait…a bonus post on a Tuesday? What is this madness?! Since it’s #readformentalhealthweek I thought I’d share some extra content to help us through the bad days.


Friends of mine from baaaack hooooooome in Iiiiiiiiiindiiiiaaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaa (sorry, I always get a bit carried away with that) have been putting on this pretty fantastic geek-themed podcast since February 2015. Tony and Bri never fail to make me laugh–we’re talking LOUD GUFFAWING here guys, it’s a good thing I work at home by myself–so I’ve been meaning to brag on them for awhile.

Their cast this week gives me the perfect opportunity to do just that. The theme is Pop Positivity! OR, essentially, all the things about fandom that makes us feel good–meeting new people, geeking out with said people, ranting and raving about all the things we love about the geeky things we love. And, at the end, Bri talks about something near and dear to my heart–depression and anxiety, and all the wonderful people talking openly about it online.

It’s so important that we continue this discussion. It takes a lot of courage to share our stories, but with that bravery comes the reward of a larger support system. The bigger our circle gets, the more people understand about mental health, the more links we can put into our chain. And every single link is so important when that Monster tries to break in again.

So kudos, and thank you, for bringing this up Bri! Keep doing what you guys are doing, I can’t wait to hear what you and Tony come up with next week!

GUYS! You need to check out Indiana Geeking–even if you don’t live in Indiana. Most of their content is general geek (comics, TV, movie, gaming, and just all around fandom), although they do discuss some con info in the Midwest area, for those that are interested. They post Friday mornings around 9 am EST.

Here’s the link for Pop Positivity!

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