If You’re Going to Use Mental Illness as an Excuse, Do Something About It

We’ve all seen the clips. “It’s so sad, this poor white kid who took an AK-47 to a movie theater was so mentally ill.”

This has been coming up more and more often this year–not only because there have been SO.MANY.MASS.SHOOTINGS. But also because we are already talking about the election, and there are SO.MANY.CONSERVATIVE.CANDIDATES. And those conservative candidates are trying to pull the attention away from gun control…so they are putting that attention onto how mentally depraved these sick evil criminals are.



I have a lot of feelings about this issue. But, I am just going to let John Oliver take it from here, because he does SUCH a great job of it. I’ve watched this at least five times in the last three days, and each time I am more and more angry about where we are at right now. Go watch this. Because if we are going to use mental illness if an excuse for a rise in gun violence, then we need to do something about it! Prison is not the answer for this problem.

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