Brain Rules

After reading two YA fictions for #ReadForMentalHealthWeek, I decided that I really wanted to dive further into the brain and find something nonfiction. As much as I love reading about characters with the similar difficulties as myself, I love learning more about how the brain works and why I feel the way I do.

Of course, nonfiction always takes me longer to read, so that meant I didn’t get to share as many #ReadForMentalHealthWeek posts as I wanted last week, but sometimes sacrifices must be made for good books, right?

Brain Rules doesn’t specifically talk about mental illness, but Dr. John Medina does share 12 principles of the workings of the brain. He breaks down each rule carefully with facts and stories to make this complicated structure easier to comprehend.

Medina has a rule of his own–students cannot focus for more than 10 minutes at a time unless you draw them back in. To do this, he weaves lots of anecdotes into his book, and breaks everything down into well organized sections. I would have no hardship taking a class by this professor–in fact, I wish I COULD take a class by this professor! I have always been fascinated by how the brain works, and now, even more so after reading Brain Rules. There’s so much amazing information here, and my copious note-taking is part of why it took me three days to get through it. His chapter on how the brain handles stress was extremely enlightening, as was his push for everyone to exercise more. It definitely made me want to get moving!

If you’re looking for a nonfiction read, pick this one up, especially if you’re at all interested in brain or body science. Brain Rules covers a lot of ground without being out of reach for those of us without medical degrees. I’m giving this 4 Book Dragons, and it’s going on my TO BUY list!



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