Do you know anyone who looks like a fictional character? I do. My best friend is a deadringer for The Other Mother. Which is pretty apropos, since her favorite thing ever is Coraline. I mean FAVORITE. When I started reading it, she sent me a picture and she has about every version of it ever made.

She started reading Harry Potter recently, which makes me ecstatic. And now I’m reading Coraline, which unfortunately is MUCH shorter, but she is having much the same geek out reaction. “OMG YOU’RE READING MY FAVORITE BOOK EVER!” I aim to please.

I’m not too sure how I’ve made it this long without reading and/or watching Coraline. My husband loves the movie, so we own it. It’s Neil Gaiman’s most famous book, EVERYONE loves it. And, I mean, it’s only 160 pages long. But until Adult Booklr assigned it for our Halloween readalongs, it never made it to the top of my TBR.

The main thing I can really say about this book is that it’s one of the spookiest fairy tales you will ever read. Coraline is no usual kid’s story–I would rate it at least PG. Gaiman covers what every little kid thinks at some point, though–“Why wasn’t I born to better parents? Why can’t I have a different life or better things or live in a better house?” When Coraline goes exploring on after one too many boring holiday afternoons, she finds the answer to those questions–and the grass she finds on the other side is black instead of green.

While I won’t say that I am as instantly fascinated with the book as my friend is, I definitely understand why everyone loves it so much. Gaiman is a brilliant storyteller, and Coraline highlights that to a T. I’m adding it to my collection of “Aunt Books” that I keep track of for when my nephews are old enough to understand them. Hopefully they like scary stories!



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