Through the Woods

“This freaked my shit out.”
– Patrick Rothfuss

I mean…there’s really not much I can say when Patrick Rothfuss leaves THAT on Goodreads, right?

Adult Booklr assigned Through the Woods for our Graphic Novel pick this month and as soon as I pulled it off the library’s hold shelf I knew it was going to be amazing. THIS.BOOK.IS.GORGEOUS. With that in mind, let’s start with the art.

ART:  Just on the art alone, this book is seriously freaky. Emily Carroll uses a very simplistic color palatte:  reds, blues, yellows, some green, and lots of black and white cutouts. Everything is shadowy and nightmarish–even the text is disorganized and used as part of the imagery rather than just dialogue. Even if you could not read, you would leave this book feeling haunted, just by flipping through the beautifully dark pages.

STORY:  If the art alone is dark and haunted, the story is the next level. Think Red Riding Hood meets Neil Gaiman (although I did just finish Coraline, so maybe I have that stuck in my head). These are some seriously dark fairy tales–and part of their horror comes from the cliffhangers at the…end. Each story just drops into suspense and wonder that, as Rothfuss so eloquently put it, will FREAK YOUR SHIT OUT.

A word of warning. Do not read these at night. Just don’t do it. You may think you want to, since this is a horror graphic novel, and it’s October, and isn’t the best time to read this type of book after twilight?


Just don’t. OK? Because this freaked my shit out.




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