Daily Bookish Challenges Trees of Reverie October Read-A-Thon Day One

Create a TBR list and set some goals for the Read-A-Thon!

It’s that time again! I love Sarah’s Read-a-Thons, because it gives me a chance to really focus on reading for a week, and have some fun with my fellow booklrs as we challenge ourselves to read as much as possible. And this is the first one on the new blog! I’ll be posting these Daily Bookish Challeges, and of course posting pictures on Insta, Twitter, and Tumblr too! Just follow all of us on the hashtags #treesofreveriereadathon and #treesofreveriebookishchallenge!

I am way behind on what I planned to read for October, so that is my goal for this week–to try and get through as many of those books as possible. Here’s the whole list:


Lots left to read! I won’t make it through everything, but I need to get through at least 2 library books, and do the October ARCS at least. I also have my normal daily reads that I’m working through. Should be a productive week!

I’ve really been looking forward to those four library books. They are all books people talk about often that I’ve never read, so I’ll finally be able to mark them off my list, and hopefully join the fandoms!

What are you guys looking forward to reading this week?

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