Daily Bookish Challenges Trees of Reverie October Read-A-Thon Day Six

Introduce us to your favourite author and their books!

How about another prompt that stresses me out. Favorite author. FAVORITE AUTHOR?!?!?! *hyperventilates* How could I only pick one?

I have so many authors who I love, but there’s one who was a complete surprise:  Michael Crichton.


Sci-fi has never been my jam, but The Hubs has most of his collection, many in gorgeous hardbacks. They were impossible to resist. I can’t remember whether I read Jurassic Park or Prey first. I know I read them both around the same time. Either way, I was completely hooked. So much that I read Prey twice, and we had to watch Jurassic Park more than once.

I haven’t made it through the entire collection. I read Eaters of the Dead recently–go check out my review if you haven’t seen it yet. It was so far away from what I knew of Crichton, and yet gorgeous and historical and just absolutely wonderful.

We still have three more on our shelves that I haven’t been through. Those will be tackled soon I think–I stare at them every day and yet I haven’t touched them. But which one should be next? Pirate Latitudes calls to me. It’s one of his more famous ones. But the other two are so pretty……….

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