Crimson Peak


Sorry, fangirling over here…

But seriously. Can we talk for a moment just how SWOONWORTHY Tom Hiddleston was in Crimson Peak?!?!?!?! I mean, LOOK AT THIS GUY:


*PICKS SELF UP OFF FLOOR* Phew, ok, sorry. I think I can continue.

Besides Hiddle Hotness, it’s hard to know where to start with this movie. I guess, first of all, let me put this out there–the trailer has us thinking that this movie is EPIC THRILLER SCARY GHOST STORY. But, while there are ghosts and haunts, that’s not really what this movie is at all. Think more 1800s Gothic novel–Emily Bronte-style. This is 100% Wuthering Heights. Unhealthy romance to the extreme.

If this movie does not win some kind of costuming/visual effects/etc award, I will be floored. I mean, it’s Guillermo del Toro, so you know it’s going to be brilliant. But seriously, this man is a genius. How he gets every single detail perfect, I just…..*fangirling*

The ghosts that were a mix of clay and smoke (yeah, try to figure that out in your head). The walls that oozed with clay like blood. The red red snow of Crimson Peak.

And those were just the background details. Everyone in this movie was cast brilliantly. Jessica Chastain scorched us with her nasty glances from the piano bench (can I please have that red dress?). Mia Wasikowska was perfectly lovely, witty, intelligent. She wasn’t the brightest star in the movie, but I felt she supported Tom and Jessica well. I thought Charlie Hunnam was adorable, and I liked seeing him in a different role than we are used to–much more subdued, less macho.

And Tom. Well. I think we all know how I felt about Tom. I could just fill this post with screen shots, but just go see the movie. Because it’s brilliant. And I’m going to buy it as soon as it comes out and probably just replay HIDDLEBUTT over and over and over.

Ok, not really. I’m not that pathetic, COME ON GUYS.


But if he’s asking…


Yes, Tom Hiddleston, yes I will.

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