Instagramming My Horrible Selfies

Guys, I am a horrible selfie taker. This isn’t false modesty, for a ply for compliments. I know it. My arms are too short, my face is too round, and I just cannot master those weird angles that girls everywhere are so damn good at.

But you know what? That’s OK! I’m going to keep taking my awkward selfies anyway. And my hipster converse pictures. And my rainy day tea and books shots. When I see a hilarious quote in a book–you bet I’m going to post that shit.

People use Instagram for a lot of different things, but to me, it’s become a sort of photographic journal–a quick snapshot of whatever is happening that sparks my mind. I need to capture those moments, whatever they are, because every single one is precious.

Right now, I’m participating in #100happydays with a few friends, an Instagram tag meant to help us appreciate one good feeling or moment every day until the end of the year. Here are a few of my favorites:


Each day, a moment. Each moment, a smile, a memory, something good. We don’t really keep photo albums anymore. Instead they stay on our phones, on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram. We share them with those in our world, we talk about them, we get to know those who share similar interests.

I happen to think that’s a pretty cool thing. Finding people who have interests in common with me has come late in my life, but suddenly I am surrounded by people who understand the things I know so much about.

However, sharing can also tear you down. People can be cruel. It always seems that when I am at my highest, I will get hit with the worst comments. But you know what? 9 times out of 10, people troll because they are insecure about themselves in some way. The issue is theirs, not yours. I heard an interview with Margaret Cho the other day where she said that when people make fun of you for what you look like, or being female, etc. it is because they have run out of intelligent things to say. They are out of all weapons except trolling. So if you get hate on your post, smile, because their comment is insignificant to the grander things in your life.

My pictures may not always make sense to anyone seeing them. And my selfies are probably always going to be incredibly awkward. But hell, this is me we are talking about. I AM INCREDIBLY AWKWARD. But, I’m also pretty fucking awesome, so I’m going to keep posting those weird, nonsensical, awkward pictures and selfies.

I hope you like them. If not, there’s always an unfollow button.


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