Carry On

It’s real. I mean…I know it’s technically a different world, and Rainbow has done a good job of separating Watford from Hogwarts. But she actually did it.


Rainbow Rowell published Drarry fanfiction in book form. We can put Carry On on our shelves and look at it and not have to squint over bright tablets in the middle of the night! Sure, it’s not NC-17…It’s hardly even PG, but DRARRY FANFICTION IN BOOK FORM.

Reading Fangirl really kickstarted my addiction to fanfiction. I’d read a few things, mostly Johnlock, mostly on Tumblr, and yeah it was cool, but I didn’t really get why people were so obsessed with it. I was more entertained by fanart. But then I read about Cath and her obsession with Watford and Simon x Baz and it sounded so much like my love of Harry Potter. Wait a minute…you mean there are people writing whole new stories about this world I love? I HAVE TO GET IN ON THAT. And of course Harry and Draco are in love. Duh.

And, well, you see where that has gone.

Tumblr basically exploded when Rainbow announced she was writing Cath’s Carry On fic from Fangirl. OF COURSE we exploded. GIVE US THE FANFIC PLEASE. But we all wondered…how different would this be? I mean, Watford did sound pretty similar to Hogwarts, Simon and Baz are basically Harry and Draco…right?

Sort of. There are definitely similarities. Simon at his base is a powerful orphan taken under the wing of the school’s headmaster, The Chosen One. And Baz is the rich, sultry deviant with minions who can’t help but push Simon’s buttons. But Rainbow actually created a pretty complex world of her own outside of Watford–a Coven of Mages, a completely different villain (two actually), spells based on pop culture references…because, heLLO, this is Rainbow Rowell we are talking about here.

You could read Carry On without reading Fangirl first.You don’t necessarily NEED Cath to give you context for this, but I think you’ll appreciate it more. Also, if you know you’re planning on reading Fangirl at some point….read it first, then this one. Gotta add this to my shelves this year for sure. FOUR BOOK DRAGONS!




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