WANT:  A desire to possess or do something. A wish.

NEED:  Something required because it is essential. Something very important that you cannot live without.


We all need something that is just out of our reach. What if you received an email that gave you the opportunity to complete one simple task in return for that need? Would you do it? What if that “simple task” was just on the edge of ethical? The students at Nottawa High received a social networking chain promising them that they would have their wish fulfilled. However, the more people that joined…the harder the tasks. It all seems innocent at first, but them people start getting hurt, and the social networking site becomes a very threatening place.

When I first started this one, I thought it was a pretty stupid concept. Great. A bunch of selfish teenagers asking for cellphones–because that’s how it was presented. It was pretty slow in the beginning. But then the pace picked up really fast and OH man. This is YA Horror at its best. It’s fast paced (once it gets going) and action-packed.

My only criticism about this book seems to be the same that everyone else on Goodreads has. THERE ARE SO MANY CHARACTERS. And not just people in the book. There are as many narrative viewpoints as a Game of Thrones novel in half as many pages. Because of that, it does get a bit confusing. I think she could have left out some of the minor people, and just left in the major players.

But, besides that one downside, I think this is a very strong contender for my horror collection, especially considering it is YA. I haven’t seen much YA thriller/horror of this quality (maybe I’m not looking hard enough), but this one certainly fits the bill. 4 Book Dragons.


Netgalley provided this ARC for an unbiased review. Releases November 3.



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