You’re Never Weird On the Internet (Almost)

Raise your hand if you remember the computer game SNAKE.


That shit was my JAM back in elementary school, right along with DOT printers and ancient word processors. My dad used computers for his farming, and then launched a successful ISP–so we were some of the first to have internet among our peers growing up. In our tiny rural town where we didn’t have much to do except play organized sports and watch MTV, it did not take long for AIM and online blogging to become our most popular form of communication. I think my first two usernames were “lello” and “lilhottfireball.”

Hey, I was 13, ok? It was the 90s.

The internet has only become a bigger and bigger part of my life since then. I’ve had countless blogs, embraced social media with open arms, and not only made a bazillion friends–but I also met my husband online! So, it only makes sense that many of my celebrity idols are “Internet Famous” too. Philip DeFranco, Tyler Oakley, Hannah Hart, to name a few.

I first saw Felicia Day on Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, which I watched on Netflix…I don’t know how long after it came out. I remember thinking she was really pretty and I wanted to see more of her, because she was cute and nerdy and quirky, which is all the things I wanted to think of myself.  Since then, she’s EVERYWHERE. Felicia Day has gone from being “Oh that girl” to “THAT GIRL!” in the geek community.

Her book, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), went on my library’s hold list the SECOND I found out the publish date. I think I was maybe the second or third in line. There was no way I was going to wait months for this one, and I am so glad I didn’t have to. It’s exactly what you’d expect out of this fast-talking, fast-moving, absolutely-never-stop-moving nerdette. She includes hilarious do-it-yourself memes, along with plenty of tales from her prodigy days in college (who knew?) and LOTS of commentary on WOW and gaming. THIS BOOK HAS ALL THE NERD.

It’s definitely not your typical female celeb tell-all. She even says at the beginning–don’t go into this expecting secret stories of drunken illicit love-making. It’s just not that kind of story, honey. But if you’re looking for a totally awkward but ambitious geeky role-model? You found her. My only regret is not listening to this on audiobook–this is one I am sure would have been even better in her own breathless ramblings. Four Dragons for this one!



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