The Marshall Plan

Molly Marshall is fresh out of graduate school, armed with a shiny new degree in journalism and ready to take over the world. There’s just one little problem:  no one seems to care. Six months have passed since graduation and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t find a paying job in the field she’s spent years preparing to dominate. Stuck in a menial job she hates, plagued with memories of an abusive childhood, and engaged to a man she may no longer love, she’s running out of options and fast. When she stumbles across a long-kept secret, though, everything changes and she’s forced to make a choice. What will it be, her ambition or her heart? This standalone sequel to The Partition of Africa invites you to examine your thoughts on family, desire, and the nature of love itself.

The Marshall Plan

PHEW there’s a lot going on in this book. If you like soap opera drama, this is the book for you! Molly Marshall is a one woman show. She’s one of those people where everything is a big to-do, everything is personal, and everything is emotional.

But it’s not just Molly. EVERYONE IN THIS BOOK IS IN A TERRIBLE MOOD. Seriously why is everyone so angry? I’m all for character drama, but when every single person has a problem and nothing good going for them in life…it got a little depressing. Molly does her best to fix all of the problems though, and I think maybe that’s why this book seems so chaotic. She’s a bit of a Griffindor–the weight of the world rests on her shoulders.

I did find Molly and Gavin’s dynamic an interesting one. You don’t see very many abstinent relationships anymore, especially non-religious ones. There really wasn’t an explanation for it either. I wonder if that is something I missed by not reading the first book. I was super-amused, however, by his mom’s obsession with baby-making in light of his decision to not have sex. It provided much needed comedic relief, especially the Baby-Bringer Quilt.

While not my normal style, this definitely provided some entertainment. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite cheap wine, put on your yoga pants, and cuddle up with your cat. This is the perfect guilty pleasure read. Don’t forget to invite Ben & Jerry!


Provided for review as part of The Marshal Plan Blitz Tour. Book Releases TODAY November 6!


The Marshall Plan

Author Bio
Olivia began writing creatively at eight years old. During middle and high school, she attended several writing conferences and submitted poems and short stories to various writing contests. She finished her first long work of fiction, a novella entitled Heaven’s Song, in the tenth grade. Her short story “By Its Cover” placed first in its division in the 2008 District III Alabama Penman Creative Writing Contest. She took a reprieve from writing during her years at the University of Montevallo, where she earned a degree in history in 2012. She finished and published her first novel, The Partition of Africa, in 2014.
Olivia currently lives in central Alabama with her husband, to whom she’s been wed since the age of twenty-two, and their cat, Buddy. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys watching quality television—The Office (US), Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, and Friends are her favorites—and cooking without recipes. Along with working full-time at her alma mater and studying English at the graduate level, she is busy working on her next literary adventure.

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