Remember that movie Drive Me Crazy, where Sabrina the Teenage Witch lived next door to That Guy From The Entourage and they hooked up to ruin the lives of the popular kids? God I miss the 90s.

In the movie, That Guy From The Entourage has an on-again-off-again relationship with Ali Larter, baddest bitch on the block. She’s a rock-n-roll rebel WITH a cause–she’s determined to bring down those evil corporations who use animals for medical testing. Little did she know TGFTE’s mom died from cancer…oops.

JR Stewart’s main character from Nirvana immediately reminded me of Ali Larter from that movie. Larissa Kenders was a punk rock star when the world back when the world was a beautiful, lush landscape. And then came the news that the bees were dying. Her music took on a very enviro-political stance, and so did her life.

Unfortunately, the bees didn’t make it, and soon the earth became a dry, desolate place. Without the bees’ crucial pollination, plants couldn’t get their groove on, and everything just went to…well…pot. Her fiance, Andrew, came up with a Virtual Reality solution to help, but unfortunately sold out to a big, nasty corporation, who promptly took everything over. And as things always do in these sort of stories…everything just went to shit.

At first, I was really caught up in this one. Maybe it was the Ali Larter comparison, I don’t know, but I was reading this really fast. I got through the first half in an hour and a half. But somewhere in the middle I sort of lost the thread. I liked the base–the bees die, the earth dies, people are trying to save the planet, or at the very least, find a way to invigorate it’s population again. But I didn’t really understand the Red Door, or Andrew’s whole storyline, really. There’s a piece missing, and maybe it’s something I missed myself, but…2 book dragons for Nirvana. Which is sad, because dammit, I REALLY like Ali Larter.


NetGalley provided this ARC for an unbiased review. Releases November 10.


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