…that awkward moment when you think you’re reading a free Kindle book, and you start to dismiss it because the writing is bad…but when you go to delete it from your Goodreads you find out it is actually a classic and on the Boxall 1001 list and everyone has rated it 5 stars..


SIGH. That means I have to read the whole damn thing. ALLLLRIGHTY THEN.

Basically, Hunger is about a man who is driven to self-destruction. He refuses to work–although he does try to write for a newspaper at one point–and so he wanders about drunk and desperate. He muses on God and the idea that a higher power might be trying to beat him down. People try to rescue him from himself, but he mostly refuses all help.

I hated the book itself. Translations are always somewhat awkward–this one is Norwegian–but honestly, I think the writing is just horrible. It’s rambling and long, and nothing really happens except he’s hungry and doesn’t eat. And when he does eat, he pukes. Ok?

However, the narration does describe depression and anxiety vividly, and for that, it at least held my attention throughout. The man very clearly is mentally ill. It does make me hold the book up to modern times and wonder if the outcome would be the same–sadly, I think it probably would be.

I’m marking another book off my Boxall list, but I can only give this one 2 Book Dragons. Only the mental illness descriptions saved this from complete doom.


Fulfills Boxall #101


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