Color bars

Since we both have today off, The Hubs and I headed to the mall for some Christmas shopping.  As we drove through downtown, we passed under three huge new billboards for Apple TV.

They were pretty impossible to miss. Keeping in standard with Apple’s flashy ad campaigns, they were simple and bright.

But that’s not what stood out to us the most.

No, these huge ads for Apple’s TV product showed this:


That’s right. Color bars.

Which poses the question:  Do color bars mean anything to anyone younger than me? Because that ad is a huge turnoff to me.

I’m right on the edge of the millennial generation. Born in 1986, I was raised with every bit of new technology crossover we have.

Way back when…those color bars actually meant something.  Even I am too young to remember when TV networks would play the national anthem at midnight before signing off every night. My connotation with them is only negative :  color bars mean something is wrong — the network is not functioning,  come back later. Not exactly a great idea for a marketing campaign selling a TV product.

So what do those billboards mean to the target market? Are they just flashy signs? Or will these ads turn everyone off like they did The Hubs and I?

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