Better Than Before

A year and a half into writing this blog, sometimes it’s still hard to believe that I’m still doing it. I’ve never been this consistent with any project I’ve undertaken. And really, I owe it all to Gretchen Rubin. A lightbulb flashed on in April 2014 when I read The Happiness Project.

I knew I needed to make some changes in the fulfillment of my everyday life–my brain was craving MORE, and I needed a way to fill it. And so I Lay Reading was born.


Needless to say, I happily snatched up Rubin’s next book, Better Than Before. Appropriately, the author who got me into the habit of writing a regular book blog has written a book about habits.

While I can’t say this book is actually better than the one before (because THP was so strong), I did really like it. Just like the first, Rubin has several in depth theories about how to set up habits and even goes into four different personality types and how each deals with habit forming. I will say that sometimes it almost seems as if she is convincing herself on her own theory. She talks about how some people have personalities that do not lend themselves toward habits, but then says she has to make habits to be happy…then worries about how those habits are taking over her life. It goes back and forth a bit. I think though that she’s a bit like me–just trying to strike a balance between everything and everyone–but sometimes it gets a little confusing.

Overall, though, I’m so glad I picked this up right at the end of the year. What a great way to start 2016 than with a fresh look at some of the bad habits I have, and some good ones I want to start! I’m sure that will be a Mindful Monday post in the next few weeks as I work through how I want the next year to go.

Definitely recommend this one. 4 book dragons.


Blogging for Books provided a copy of this book for an unbiased review. Releases December 15.





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