Snow Like Ashes

I just got my first Overdue Library Notice as an adult. I feel so ashamed right now. Dammit! But really? How did I manage to have a book due on Christmas Eve? Sigh.

I’ve been parsing out Snow Like Ashes in a few chapters a day, as I do with most AdultBooklr picks…but since I have to now hurry and take this back right away, I quickly finished this one up. Which I guess is just as well, since I spent all weekend watching Harry Potter instead of reading and didn’t have a post planned for you guys…oops!

Do you know how hard it is to hold back on a book like this? NOT EASY. Snow Like Ashes could have easily been read in an afternoon, and there were a few days when I almost just said “To Hell with it,” and did just that. My understanding is that Sara Raasch started writing her debut fantasy when she was quite young, and while it has been polished, the reading level is still very easy. Any fantasy lover will be able to pick this up and run with it, even young teens or less confident readers. (That’s not to say it won’t delight older or more confident readers just as much too!)

Primoria is laid out in the four Seasons and the four Rhythms, all locked in a war for magic. In this world, magic cannot be held by just anyone–only those with royal blood, specifically females. Meira is training for battle in the Winterian war, but feels she is being consistently underestimated. She just wants to do her part to save her country. When that time finally comes, it is not what she expects at all.

First of all, can I move to Winter? A land where it snows all the time and people are happy about it? Yes. Sign me up. Secondly, this book is all about female power and men trying to take it away. That’s basically what the whole war is about. And guess what, there are plenty of awesome men fighting to get it back.

I do need to mention the Mather/Theon love triangle for one second. Because I’m not going to lie–maybe I’ve watched Frozen one too many times, but I SO was expecting Theon to turn out to be a Hans-style betrayer and he was NOT, he was WONDERFUL and I LOVE him. Totally Team Theon.

Can anyone describe to me what exactly kind of weapon the Chakra is? I’m totally confused. She talks about slicing with it, shooting with it, throwing it. I thought at first it was a bow/arrow….then I thought it was a knife…by the end I think maybe it’s kind of like a machete/boomerang type thing? This is one of those times I really wish I could fanart because in my head, Meira wears an outfit similar to Rey from The Force Awakens, only with blonde hair blue eyes (Scandinavian-snowland).

Are you done with my rambling yet? Me too. Suffice it to say, I liked the book. Putting in for the next one right away!



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