Daily Bookish Challenges Trees of Reverie December 2015 & January 2016 Read-A-Thon Day One

Complete your TBR List and Reading Goals!

Yay! It’s time for another Trees of Reverie Readathon! This is a great way to kick off the year, especially since I was so disorganized in December for #ReadWomen. I’m back to my very structured list in January, so be ready to rock and roll! I also plan on getting back on track with posts. I might still stick to the three a week–it’s been much less stressful that way, rather than trying to get one out every single day. We’ll see what happens with my reading speed. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself either.

Bookish Goals for 2016:

What book-related things would you like to achieve in 2016?

I have two major goals for this year.

  1. I am raising my Goodreads goal to 215. I am currently at 233, but I still like to make it achievable.
  2. I came across a Tumblr post last week of a list of international books. I’ve been wanting to set a Read Around the World challenge for myself for awhile now, but didn’t know where to start. I may add a tab for it, I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do. I don’t have a set timeline, and I don’t expect to accomplish the whole world in a year. But, I do want to increase my diversification, and this is a good way to do it.

Of course I’m still working on the Boxall list as well, and all my other personal challenges.

What (book-related) aspects of 2015 do you most want to improve on in 2016?

I’m actually really impressed with how well I did in 2015, considering how much of a roller coaster it was. Mostly I just want to be more consistent with my blogging, and I’d like to see this website grow. I also have more of a writing goal in 2016, but I don’t know what that entails. I haven’t done very well with my Mindful Mondays and Freaky Fridays, so I want to do more with those.

Happy Readathon!

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