Happy 2016!

Happy New Year, everybody!


Can you believe it’s 2016? Where did the last year go? I’m not sure, but to be honest, I’m pretty glad to be rid of it. 2015 was not a kind year to me…or really anybody else. But, it’s over now, and we have a brand new year to look forward to.

I have some big plans for 2016–all geared to make this year much more positive.

The key change is to introduce a Passion Planner to my routine. I’ve never used a planner before, but I think it’s really going to help reduce some of my anxiety by organizing my lists and schedules. I need a more structured place to put all my random thoughts than just my journal, and I think the goal setting aspect is going to be good for me too.

Speaking of goal setting:  I’ve actually set real goals this year. I have never been one to actually make resolutions of the new year, but I did make a goal map.

Now that my brain is finally healthier, I need to get my body in shape. This foot injury really set me back, and since the only explanation seems to be “mystery inflammation” I am going to try and treat that with a diet change. For the month of January, I am giving up sugar and alcohol, and am going to stick to a diet meant to reduce inflammation in my body. After the month, I’m hoping I will have built a habit of cooking and eating more cleanly, and while I may go back to drinking occasionally and treating myself with dessert sometimes, my eating won’t be so slovenly.

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My second health goal is to build my yoga strength up to be able to practice at least some every day by the end of the year. I haven’t been able to practice at all for the last two months, so I have no idea where I am going to be when I start again–I know I am going to be very frustrated. I’ll have to start slow, but I know that I can do it. Yoga helps my anxiety so much, even doing 15 minutes a day every day, with a few classes a week would be helpful.

I am going to journal more. Last year, my journaling faded into almost all book quotes, which is the opposite of what I needed to be doing while my brain was so messy. The only way I will ever sort out my thoughts is to write them out, and I need to be better about doing so. I’ve been reading more nonfiction–memoirs and books about mental health–and I have a few others about journaling and writing flagged to help me with this. Don’t be surprised when you see them reviewed!

One more addition! I just started volunteering for Paws in the City–a fostering organization in Dallas for cats and dogs. I will be co-running their Twitter campaign, so if you are in the Dallas area, or just love your pets and want some great tips and tricks, go give us a follow. We are trying to drum up awareness and support for this fantastic organization!

2016 needs to be better. It has to be. I don’t know what this year has in store, but I’m sure it will be interesting. What kind of year do you have planned?

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