The World of Ice and Fire

My love of Game of Thrones was not instant. George RR Martin’s world was just too complicated for me. There were so many characters! But after my initial read through, I tuned into the show, and that was it. What I had read matched with the characters on screen, and abracadabra I was hooked. I went back for a complete reread of the series and it made much more sense.

And then we were “gifted” *cough* with the last season and it was a bit tainted. But I can’t help it, I’m addicted, ridiculously problematic as it is. I need to know what happened to Jon Snow and all the rest. Seriously George, hurry up with that next book–and I don’t mean that weird one you put out to try and pacify us.

In the meantime, I purchased the mammoth history of The World of Ice & Fire. This thing is GORGEOUS–I don’t know if the art was based on the show, or the show on the art, or if it all came from Martin’s crazy wonderful brain–but it’s all just a marvel. Unfortunately, that’s sort of where the positives end. This book is BORINGGGGGGGGGG. I was really hoping for more fantastical stories, prequels to the actual series. However, this is more akin to the type of history tome we used to tote to History 101. Not exactly something to curl up with while you drink a mug of tea.

Mostly, this is just a good companion to the super complicated novels. It’ll go up on my shelf, and if I decide I want more background on a section of GOT history, I may pull it down…until then, it’s a very large, very pretty book for my collection.



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