I knew it had to happen sooner or later, though I had hoped it never would.

Jane Austen has finally failed me.

This is not my first time reading Persuasion, although it is the first I’ve made it the whole way through. Of the four JA novels I’ve read so far…this is by far the worst. I never expected to have to battle so hard to finish one!

What can I say about it, really? Persuasion is just boring. So much so that it couldn’t hold my attention for more than a few line before my mind wandered to something else (mostly Hamilton lyrics, tbh) and so I kept having to read pages over again. I think, had I not already started and stopped so many times already, I might have done so again. But, I was determined to at least finish this time…even if that meant skimming.

By the end, I was ready to just read the Wiki plot summary and call it a day. So, that’s exactly what I did. I’m not ashamed. Sometimes as a reader, that’s just what you have to do to finish a review.

I do want to know, though, do any of you have a Jane Austen novel that you particularly struggle with over the others? What did you think of Persuasion?


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