Sex Criminals

This comic. This fucking comic. (PS, this review is rated R for Raunchy as Shit. Enjoy)

You guys, I found my favorite comic. And it’s about a girl who can freeze time with her orgasms. She meets a guy who can do the same thing. They fall in love, do orgasmic time freezing shit, and rob banks to save libraries.


I mean, if you’re going to have a super power, orgasmic time freezing would be a great one to have!

As for the art, well, it’s goddamned gorgeous. The main characters are appropriately nerdy (hello, they are robbing banks to save a library!), good looking, but nerdy. WHICH I LOVE. Suzie is dark haired and curvy and thick-waisted. She can’t really be considered fat or plus-sized, but she’s no DC/Marvel superskinny female comic trope either. Jon is cute and well-built, but he’s got a nose the size of Texas. They are just so overwhelmingly NORMAL.

This comic puts the GRAPHIC in Graphic Novel. I hope you’re ready to see some dick, because that’s what you’re going to get. And vagina, and ass. All done up in a blue and pink laser show.

I LOVE THIS COMIC. By now you’re thinking, “Wow, Haley, you’re pretty perverted.”

Well, yes. But it’s just absolutely wonderful. Beyond the sex, there is a love story about a couple of normal weirdos who find their own brand of weird mirrored in each other. They haven’t been able to find compatibility anywhere, there suddenly, there it is. The story is goofy and sweet, then add in the rest of it and it just becomes completely hilarious.

I cannot wait to read more.



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