It’s funny, I just read a post the other day about reviewing every single book that I read, and the arguments for or against. Really, unless it is a reread (like Harry Potter), or a super long classic or poetry anthology that I work on for months and don’t have much to stay about (I doubt I’ll do an actual post on The Faerie Queene), I pretty much review everything I finish.

Which makes it very frustrating when I have absolutely nothing to say about a very famous/popular book.


I should have emotions about Winter, right? I loved the rest of the series. The characters were wonderful, the plot was engaging and creative. I absolutely love fairy tales, and the futuristic twist from Marissa Meyer was no exception. I’ve been waiting months for this 800 page “conclusion” (I use that word loosely, because what exactly IS Stars Above, anyway?), and now it is here and I’ve read it and…


I sat in front of my cursor for two hours Friday night, and then again yesterday morning and could not write a damned word. No feels. Nothing.

It’s not that the book is bad. I liked it, I turned page after page, just like the others. But there were no surprises. No gasps. No end of chapter cliffhangers. Everything happened exactly as I expected it to. Winter’s lunar sickness was sad, but even that, for some reason bothered me.

Winter just felt rushed to me. As if Meyer heard all of us screaming HURRY UP AND FINISH THOSE 800 PAGES OR WE WILL BREAK DOWN YOUR DOOR! And maybe she did. The fact that we have an 800 page conclusion, with another epilogue book certainly makes me wonder if she didn’t accomplish what she wanted to. But, I am certainly not the author, so I do not know these things.

I do know I love The Lunar Chronicles. I’m happy my characters got their happy endings, as they should. And I will surely read Stars Above when it is released.




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