Someone Like You

Boy oh boy! We’ve had an emotional week, haven’t we? I’ll tell you what–after the first three books, I was definitely ready for some brain candy!

Thankfully, I have a free month of Kindle Unlimited going at the moment, so I’m catching up on a few romances that have been on my list for awhile. Barbara Bretton is just the cure for intense book hangover.

Someone Like You is really more of an “After the Happily Ever After” story than traditional romance. Two sisters, Cat and Joely, are trying to build families of their own. However, because of their famous folk singer parents’ rocky relationship, they just don’t much of a strong foundation of “normal happiness.” When their mother has a crisis, everything starts falling apart, and they have to lean on each other to pick up the pieces. Can they keep their relationships intact?

These kinds of books are always very quick, easy reads for me–a sort of palate cleanser. I always love going back to this genre, because while I don’t read it as often anymore, it’s just like a vacation for my brain. Joely and Cat are just such faulty people:  Cat, with her career-driven Type-A personality; and Joely, who gave up the work she loved because she’s just so scared to make a move in any direction (she reminds me of myself). Both of them have love if they will just reach out and grab on to it.

My one annoyance with this book was the word “mercurial.” I don’t know how many times it was used, but it was enough to bother me. Thesaurus words are great when used sparingly, but if you use them over and over again it becomes obvious.

Still, Barbara Bretton will continue to appear on my TBR for times just like these. I’ll always get in over my head with too many big brain books, and sometimes I just need a rest.



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