Mary of Nazareth

As the saying goes, behind every great man, there is a great woman. Nowhere do we see this theme repeated over and over again than in our old Bible stories. Unfortunately, while we may get a glimpse at the strong females fighting, birthing, and worshiping…it’s usually in the background and only there to highlight the male accomplishments.

Marek Halter’s historical fiction does a wonderful job of changing that perspective. He dives deep into our favorite biblical females and brings them to life in a period accurate picture. The simple stories we heard as children are transformed into complicated narrations that are interesting regardless of your religion.

Mary of Nazareth sends the glowing Catholic saint back before her moment of glory–back when she was simply Miriam, daughter of Joachim, fighting a rebellion against Herod. We see many characters from the New Testament, and Halter’s story gives a fresh perspective on what really may have happened in the beginnings of our A.D. time period. It was fun to see just how many people I recognized.

If you haven’t read a Marek Halter book, and you’re a fan of historical fiction–you’re missing out. Really, regardless of your religion, you should pick one up. They are fascinating from a historical perspective, being able to see these holy figures for the actual humans they once were. There’s even a bit of a surprise at the end of Mary, but I won’t give away too much! You’ll just have to go find out yourself.



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