Love in Lowercase

Are you a fedora-wearing male looking for a book about creepy obsession?

Then I have just the book for you!

Love in Lowercase has been marketed as the latest cutesy romance novel–and it has cats! Penguin has been pushing this all over social media. I won a copy via an Instagram contest with a photo of Diva Kitty, and I was looking forward to reading it. Even the cover is typical chick-litish–full on female oriented marketing.

Then I started reading. And the more I read, the angrier and creepier I felt. Women should not be the target market here. The main character worships Kafka, of all people.  He is a loner who is completely obsessed with a girl who kissed him on the cheek during a hide-and-seek game as children. He has no other meaningful relationships in his life. He passes her in the street and even though he doesn’t even speak to her, he “falls in love” with her instantly and makes it his mission to find her. She doesn’t even know he exists. He stalks her, and even though she makes it clear she doesn’t want him, he keeps going.

To be fair to the author, the writing is good. I liked the other characters–there is a wise old Miyagi type character, and another man who seems to have schizophrenia. There is a cat, and some interesting philosophy is spouted about the wisdom of felines.

But I just couldn’t get past how stereotypically male the main character was. He was just….THAT GUY. That one that we ALL have known at one point in our lives. Maybe if this book was marketed differently, I wouldn’t be so put off by him–I would have read the book differently. But to market this book as a romance novel for women…no way. Definitely not.


Received free copy from Penguin via Instagram contest.


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