Last Call Lounge

One of the great things about having a Kindle is the plethora of free books available. Not only can I easily download them from the library, but Amazon has a host of classics available for download, and occasionally authors will host a freebie day (or discount day) to promote one of their books. For someone with a strict book budget and a huge TBR, free books are a lifesaver! (No pirating here, my friends!)

I’m always quick to download freebies, whether I know the author or not. A free book is a free book is a free book. And those freebies are kind of a tossup. Sometimes they are not so great, and I don’t finish them. No big loss there.


Others, though, are a wonderful surprise! Last Call Lounge happened to be one of the latter.  I can’t remember exactly where I got it–maybe a free book of the week email? Maybe through a Twitter promotion? Either way, it made it into the mix and I’m so glad it did.

Little John is struggling to fill his late father’s shoes. He has inherited his Dad’s bar, but not his common sense. When he catches a cocaine dealer operating out of his men’s room, Little John tries to compromise with him to avoid trouble. Now he’s hiding $42,000 and a gun for his friend (and dealer). A massive hurricane is bearing down on the Gulf Coast. He’s failing as a father and constantly disappointing his ex-wife. And the love of his life just walked back in. It’s shaping up to be a hell of a weekend.

Stuart Spears’ novel could be categorized as a modern day noir-style thriller. It’s dark and it’s heavy and everything has this smokey haze over everything. This would be the perfect book to curl up at the corner stool of your favorite pub on a slow weeknight where you can nurse a beer or bourbon and watch the regulars over the top of your page.

Nothing about this is light or sweet or pretty. There’s drugs and liquor and murder. But the story is a strong one, and so is the writing. You can still read this for free through Kindle Unlimited, or only $3 otherwise. Spears published this himself–and this is one self-pub that definitely deserves recognition. Go support him. It’s a fantastic book!




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