Until We are Free

Happy International Women’s Day! Make sure to hug, high five, congratulate every bad ass woman in your life.

One of those badass women is Shirin Ebadi–the first Muslim woman to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. We’ve all heard stories about how normal women were treated Iran, and that is certainly nothing to diminish. But Shirin is not just any Iranian Woman living under the strict Islamic Republic law. Shirin is a Nobel Prize winning human activist lawyer Iranian woman living under the strict Islamic Republic law. And things went really really badly for her…and anyone connected to her. Ebadi never backed down though, not once.

Until We are Free tells of Ebadi’s struggles post-Nobel. Her government hated her simply for being a woman who succeeded. She received death threats like this one:

“If you go on as you are now, we will be forced to end your life. If you value it, stop slandering the Islamic Republic. Stop all this noise you are making outside the country. Killing you is the easiest thing we could do.”

Her husband was tricked and imprisoned. Her daughter and sister and friends all faced persecution, just for being connected to her. And yet Ebadi never stopped striving to help those people in her country who needed her help, especially women who faced that same persecution.

Shirin Ebadi’s Until We are Free is being released today, March 8th. I don’t know if the publisher did that on purpose, but they could not have picked auspicious day. If you buy any book on International Women’s Day–make it this one. Thank you, Shirin Ebadi.


NetGalley provided this ARC for an unbiased review. Releases March 8th.


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