Marked in Flesh

I’m baaaack! Did ya’ll have a good Spring Break? I certainly did.

I keep thinking that I didn’t get much reading done at all–but in reality, I read THREE books! They were all just from the same series, so my brain counts them all as one. I mentioned this last week, but I was due to read Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop for its release on March 8…and then realized it was not the second book in her The Others series, but the FOURTH! Oh no!

I always hate being late on a deadline, but I was taking a hiatus anyway, so I’ll just play a bit of catch up with my reviews this week. You’ll forgive me, right? Thanks!

I read the first book, Written in Red, almost exactly a year ago, and loved it. Anne Bishop mixes fairy tale with indigenous culture set in a dystopian landscape. It’s pretty fierce. It’s been awhile since I’ve binged an entire series like this, and this was a great one to lose myself in.

When you get into the series as a whole, you really get to see the themes Anne Bishop pulls into her dystopian fairy tale. As I mentioned before, the main component is about prejudice between the indigenous race and the humans. The war between the HRL and The Others reads very familiar to those in America today (and heck, those in America throughout our bloody frickin history). Another very heavy theme is in regards to mental health. The first two books reference cutting and severe bodily harm quite often, even referencing it as an addiction–the other two books do too, but it’s a major theme in the first two. The third book is all about abuse:  getting away from the captor, healing after the fact, recovery. The fourth is war. All of them cover PTSD.

Sounds pretty rough, right? Did I mention that those big themes are wrapped up in a completely gorgeous, dark, dystopian fantasy series? GUYS GO BUY THIS SERIES IMMEDIATELY. The romance tension is so thick you will need Namid’s teeth and claws to cut through it.

This is the fourth book. And as it was getting closer and closer to the end I was thinking, this can’t be it, right? I mean, there’s only 5% left and not enough closure and I NEED ANOTHER BOOK! Goodreads says there’s an Untitled Book #5. All is well with the world. I only have to wait until 2017. GIVE IT TO ME NOWWWWWWWW.

Sigh. I guess I’ll just have to read something else. This is why I don’t binge anymore.



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