A Darker Shade of Magic

I came back from vacation needing to read ALL THE BOOKS…but having WAY too much to do. Can I please have a vacation to recover from my vacation?

That is the trouble with going back home, we never really relax, it is GO GO GO all the time. I did, however, start A Darker Shade of Magic right before we left. It’s one I’ve seen many of you obsess about recently, so I was glad to get my hands on it quick (and I hear there is a sequel that just came out, yes?)!

I could very quickly see why VE Schwab has such an easy hit on her hands with this story. Four magical parallel worlds layered over the top of each other. Two heros–one male, one female (though you could make an argument for nonbinary, which is another big plus)–both set really only equal footing in the book. Kell and Lila have different skill sets, but they are just as strongly written as each other, and are both crucial for the successful conclusion. Minor romantic underlay, but it doesn’t distract.

I want to know more about the forming and destruction of the worlds. What happened, what is coming, etc. So much has been built and I cannot wait to see what is next! This is not an overhype. Go pick it up, you won’t be disappointed!




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