Music Venue: Warehouse Carmel

Have you ever walked into a place and felt all the breath leave your body? It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I get really really really excited.

You guys have seen me geek out over stuff. Books, usually. Sometimes random fandom. My music geek is a little more reserved, mostly because there’s not as many people in my age range that love the blues like I do (PS…if you get me started on Buddy Guy, I might cry).

So when I walked into Warehouse Carmel on a private tour while we were home last week…I am sure there was an audible gasp, maybe even a squeal. I wasn’t prepared. It isn’t much to look at from the outside–just a gray brick building set a block or two off the main drag in Carmel’s Art & Design District. If you didn’t know it were there, you’d walk right past it.

But, I implore you, don’t walk past it. Get tickets for the next show you can. Because once you walk inside that quiet-seeming gray building, EVERYTHING changes. The art on the walls is eclectic and modern, but a barn door hangs open to welcome you into the performance space, and Edison bulbs brighten the room. To the right of the door, you can grab a drink at the well stocked bar–wine, beer, and even a signature cocktail!


With your thirst quenched, move on into the intimate performance room, and take your place in one of the 150 cushy seats. These are brand new, and the room has been renovated too! There’s really not a bad seat in the house–because there it’s a limited house, you will never be far from the stage, and every show lets you be up close and personal with the artist.

We got a chance to see Tony Kishman of Beatlemania last Friday. Sadly, because of a previous commitment we only made it to the second half of the show, but what we did see was wonderful. Kishman interacted with the audience throughout the performance, and everyone was engaged and happy. We were all singing along to our favorite Paul McCartney tunes. It was a great night, and I’m so glad we got to see a show while we were in town.


Ok, disclaimer time, since it’s a blogger must. When I started writing this review in my head last week, it was completely unbiased. The more I saw, the more excited I got. And the more excited I got, the more I geeked out about it, and the more I wanted to tell everyone it existed. My brain was on fire, and I was devastated that I had to go back to Dallas and not be a part of this place. I’m not kidding when I tell you I fell in love with Warehouse Carmel.

While everything I wrote above is absolutely true…I can no longer claim impartiality, because I am now the social media consultant for Warehouse Carmel! Basically my job is now to tell everyone just how great this place is, and why you should go. I get to geek out about something I’m already geeking out about–it’s a win-win!

So, I give you three assignments:

  1. Follow Warehouse Carmel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  2. Check out our calendar and get tickets a show as soon as possible.
  3. Tell every single one of your friends to do the same thing.

Warehouse Carmel isn’t like any music venue in the Indy area you’ve been to before. It’s not a bar with entertainment. It’s entertainment with a bar. This is a place where you are going to fall in love with music again. You’re going to remember those concerts you went to when you were young and people held lighters up instead of cell phones*, the shows where the audiences were so engaged that if someone is talking, they get shushed, because WE NEED TO HEAR THE MUSIC PEOPLE.

Go to Warehouse Carmel. Fall in love with music again.



*We don’t actually recommend you put lighters in the air. You know…for fire code reasons. It’s a nice thought though.

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