Kyle Barnes has been plagued by demonic possession all his life and now he needs answers. Unfortunately, what he uncovers along the way could bring about the end of life on Earth as we know it.


Outcast was another download from that big Humble Bundle from a few months ago. Robert Kirkman wrote the original The Walking Dead series, and this one follows his same creepy horror theme.

As far as the story goes, I wasn’t a huge fan. It’s a highly masculine cast, for the few characters there are–and the dialogue just isn’t that interesting. Possession, exorcism, possession, exorcism, etc. But the art in this book is pretty fantastic–dark and shadowy. Think Sin City, with the blacks and bright, bloody reds.

I won’t continue with the rest of the series, but I am sure this will appeal to Kirkman’s other fans. Just not for me.




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