I Let You Go

In a split second, Jenna Gray’s world descends into a nightmare. Her only hope of moving on is to walk away from everything she knows to start afresh. Desperate to escape, Jenna moves to a remote cottage on the Welsh coast, but she is haunted by her fears, her grief and her memories of a cruel November night that changed her life forever.

I’ll be honest, I almost gave up on this one. I Let You Go starts out really slow, and at first seems like just a stereotypical romance novel. Girl has tragedy. Girl moves to remote cottage on island. Girl makes friend with female leader of island. Girl gets dog. Girl meets attractive male leader of island and falls in love.

We’ve all read those kinds of stories. They are nice, but after so many of them…a bit dull. This one also kept flipping perspectives between Jenna’s story and the “homefront”–a police procedural plot that followed the casework of Jenna’s original tragedy. While the perspectives changed at each chapter break, they weren’t labeled, so my brain switch really had to be on.

However, as I scrolled through Goodreads for the summary, I saw 5 star review after 5 star review talking about the twists of this amazing thriller!


…What? Am I reading the right book?

It took until about the 45% mark, but yep. Thriller. Once I got to the top of that plot hill, it reeeeeeeeeally started tumbling down fast. It was still a little bit predictable to someone who reads a lot of books like this, but the pace did pick up quite a bit, and there were a few turns that made me think twice a few times.

This is quite a dark book. Be prepared for domestic violence, rape, and death of a child. It’s a pretty scary rendition of just how far abuse can go, and how hard it is to fight back. It also answers the question, “Why didn’t you call the police?”

No really–the police actually ask that question. You will get an answer. Pay attention to it. And apply it to real life every single time it pops into your head from then on.


NetGalley provided this ARC for an unbiased review. Releases May 3.


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