Shakespeare: The World as Stage

I have to tell you something. I don’t like Shakespeare.

I KNOW RIGHT? What kind of book nerd am I? It’s basically against the law to not like him. But I just find him uncomfortable.

Still, he’s one of those famous people in our history that one should know things about. So when Bill Bryson’s bio popped up on sale…why not? I like Bill Bryson.

I’d recommend this to anyone needing a brush up on good ol’ Will. The book is 211 pages long. Nice and short. There’s not really a ton of information out there about the man, so most of it is more historical context than anything. There’s a bit about his wife and the plays, the theater, some about the politics of the day, and the plagues. It’s really nothing complicated. Just a short and sweet little history about the 16th century.

Bryson knows how to do his job. He never overdoes a book. His histories are interesting but factual, and he does what he can to eliminate conspiracy theories. I’ve read a few from him before, and I have several on my list to read in the future. He never disappoints.



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