Glass Sword

As wonderful as anticipation is in the Booklr world, it can also be a killer. When I read Red Queen, the sequel had just been announced, so everyone was talking about Glass Sword already. There was a pretty big divide on RQ–you ever loved it or hated it. I was in the love it category, so I was really looking forward to Glass Sword. And when we got the cover reveal, oh man.

I mean, look at this. It perfectly matches RQ.

The only word I can use to describe my emotion while reading this book is despair. I am despairing over how BORED I am. What happened????

In Red Queen, we have this fantastic, complicated character development in Mare Barrows as she discovers her powers, tears apart a kingdom, etc. In Glass Sword, Mare is demoted to The Little Lightning Girl–basically just the middle of a sad love triangle between two annoyingly distracted dude-bros.

All Mare talks about is Cal. Cal this, Call that. Cal, the fire prince, who burns so hot, blah blah blah. You’re the freaking lightning girl! You’re supposed to be a badass yourself–get over it! And Kilorn is JUST as moony and weak. He’s so goddamn pissy about being friendzoned that he can’t focus on the mission. What a mess.

I’m about halfway through this, and I’m so disappointed that I can’t continue it. The world that was built in Red Queen just falls apart here. I hope for Aveyard’s sake that it’s just the curse of the middle book and maybe a finished trilogy will complete the circle. But for me…it’s just not worth continuing.



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