Look Me In The Eye

KISS’s stage shows are some of the most famous in the world, even still today. How would you like to read the story behind those amazing pyrotechnics?

I bet that would be a pretty fantastic book, right? Done up in black and white and flash!

What if I told you that the story is actually written by a man with Aspergers? And that the cover has a young boy on the cover, in pastel green and red? Does that seem less cool? Less interesting?

It shouldn’t.

The pyrotechnics are still there. They are still just as incredible–maybe even more so–once you find out how much work, experimentation, and anxiety went into them. They weren’t created by a rock star. They were invented out of the mind of a cast out misfit trying to find his place in this world.

After reading John Elder Robison’s new book, Switched On, a few weeks ago, I moved his first two books to the top of my TBR. When I logged back in to Blogging for Books, they just happened to be available for request! Score!

While Switched On is much more scientific and built around a medical experiment–Look Me In The Eye is written simply to tell Robison’s story. And what a brilliant story it is! Storytelling obviously runs in this family (Augusten Burroughs is his brother), as from the get go, this book is captivating. Some of the story will match up with Running With Scissors, only from John’s perspective, and you could almost swear you were on stage with KISS, his narrative is so complete.

Robison didn’t know until he was an adult about his Asperger’s diagnosis, and while he knew he was different, he never let that hold him back. As I read this book, I was more and more impressed by the incredibly life he has led. Look Me in the Eye smashes every stigma there is–having a brain disorder, mental illness, disability–none of those things have to hold you back. Your life can still be amazing, you just have to make the world fit you, instead of the other way around.


Blogging for Books provided a free copy for an unbiased review.


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